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Vegan Coin Ready to Go Vegan?

Vegan Coin is a fresh, new global community, bringing together people who believe in the vital need for a more innovative and sustainable way of thinking. The revolutionary ecosystem is an inclusive space empowering its members to further work towards Thriveability.

2% Redistributed to Holders

2% of every transaction gets fairly distributed between all wallets holding VEGAN COIN.

6% Locked Liquidity Pool

6% of every transaction is distributed back into the locked liquidity pool.

2% Marketing Wallet

5% of the initial supply is held in a marketing wallet, and 2% of each transaction gets redistributed to the wallet.










step 1
  • Launching the Vegan Coin and list on several places like: Pancake Swap, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko etc. We partner up with Famous Celebrities around the world live the Vegan lifestyle.
step 2


  • Launch NFT Marketplace to sell NFTs with Copyright ownership and do Influencer collaboration to expand growth
step 3
  • Veganbsc app development Starts.
    Veganbsc connects local stores to our marketplace & helps vegans find them
    Celebrity meet & greets.
step 4
  • This is where we turn up the heat, by this time all of our platforms will be readily available to the public, we will continue to expand by announcing new partnerships and exciting projects

Ready to Make money while Supporting a Healthy Livestyle?


Everything you need to know to use VeganCoin like a pro

VeganCoin is here to inspire, facilitate and maintain a more sustainable, conscious-consumer world.

What is VeganCoin?

VeganCoin is a comprehensive ecosystem uniting people, businesses, and organizations to empower consumers and enable the discovery, sharing, and purchasing of plant-based and conscious-consumer goods and services. It includes an app, business directory, and VEGANCOINBSC (VEGNBSC).

Why do we need VeganCoin?

There are hundreds of millions of people spread across the world who live a vegan, conscious-consumer or sustainable lifestyle. There are also great entrepreneurs all over the world innovating and focusing on plant-based, cruelty-free products. However, they may not be well known outside of their local community, and there has been no cohesive system uniting everyone. We are here to make all businesses, regardless of location or technical capabilities, available and accessible to target audiences everywhere. This will allow consumers to find and purchase ethical, sustainable, organic goods and services, and it will alllow the entrepreneurs to gain greater international exposure. VeganCoin is a space for all of them to come together and work towards Thriveability.

How is this different from other vegan initiatives?

VeganCoin isn’t about promoting a vegan lifestyle. It is about the creation of a thriveable and comprehensive ecosystem, a supply chain that is environmentally conscious, and consumers who are motivated to make an impact. The platform makes conscious consumerism and trading accessible and maintainable to everyone. It’s an all-encompassing economy, powered by its own traceable digital token, VEGNBSC (VeganCoin), to amplify the success of plant-based and conscious-consumer businesses for the sake of the entire planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

Why do conscious businesses and consumers need their own economy?

A stable Coin needs a stable economy. Money invested in banks and other monetary funds is then further invested into other projects, corporations, or countries—some of which may not align with your values. Our green economy shows full transparency as to where your money is going and where it is being spent.

What inspired the inception of this project?

We are unapologetically passionate about conscious consumerism, sustainability, and plant-based lifestyles. It truly touches every aspect of our lives, and we believe with our core in the power of positive energy put into the world. Consequently, it is only natural that a comprehensive ecosystem that helps ensure accessibility for everyone should be formed.

Is VeganCoin only for vegans?

Not at all! VeganCoin is an all-inclusive ecosystem for those living a plant-based lifestyle and anyone who wants a more sustainable planet. We are working toward Thriveability across the planet.

If VeganNation isn't only for vegans, why is it called VeganNation?

The word ‚vegan‘ is a word which encompasses all the ideologies in which our nation believes. It’s not just about plant-based dietary choices and non-animal products. Rather, it suggests sustainable living and a deep passion for the life of our planet. You don’t have to be a vegan to care about the Earth.

Clean. Healthy. Vegan.

From plant-based eateries and organic markets to sustainable suppliers and retailers, our Business Directory points you in the direction of thousands of outlets and establishments. Discover the best places to shop, eat and drink in your local area or across the globe.

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